What to do when the street light doesn’t work properly.
If you see a street light that is out, constantly on during the day, or turning on and off during the
night, please submit a report it via Puget Sound Energy's Intolight website - www.intolight.com - or
call 1 (877)229-1235.

If possible, include the pole number in your report. Most street light poles have a 12 digit grid number
(black & yellow numbering on metal tags) or INTOLIGHT tag (INTOLIGHT logo on metal tag). Though
not required, it is helpful to include this information when reporting a light outage.

Replacement mailbox locks.
Do it yourself replacement locks are available at McLendon’s for about $21. The less expensive ones
are not recommended.

What are the recurring community events in Sky Island?
Easter Egg hunt in the park: The day before Easter
Community Garage Sale: The third Friday and Saturday in May
Annual Meeting: Fourth Tuesday in October (usually)
Halloween chaos: Oct 31
Christmas Lights: 1-30 December

Why do I have to pay Association Fees?

All owners are required to pay Association Fees by the governing documents of their Association. They fund the operation and maintenance of the common property and are used to provide services for the benefit of all owners.  

What do the Association Fees Cover?

Your Association's fees or "assessments" pay for electricity  and irrigation, Management and Insurance for the Association. and common areas They also cover maintenance, repair and administration of the common areas and facilities of the Association. 

How do I pay the Association Fees?

Your check should be made payable to Sky Island HOA and may be mailed to the management office at:  

Total Property Management

2222 Meridian Ave E

Suite D

Edgewood, WA 98371 



 Or Vist the Webpage: totalpropmanagement.com

Make your payment online after you register your information


What does the Association do? 

The Association is a non-profit corporation managed by a Board of Directors elected by the owners. The Board is responsible for the management of the Association's funds, the enforcement of the CC&R's, and the maintenance of common area property. 

What is the Board of Directors?

The board of directors is elected by the homeowners of the community.  The board serves to oversee the business of the association as outlined in the governing documents for the association and in accordance with laws governing Non-Profit Corporations. 

What is a Management Company and what do they do? 

The management company is engaged by the Board of Directors to provide guidance to the Board, and to implement the Board's decisions or instructions. The management company attends to the day-to-day operation of the Association including collection of assessments, contracting for services, and providing the board with monthly financial statements for the association. 

What is the Management Company's authority? 

The management company has no authority except as conferred by the Board of Directors. The managing agent does not make decisions; it implements the decisions of the Board. 

What are the Governing Documents? 

The "Governing Documents" for your association are the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (or Declaration of Condominium) plus any Rules and Regulations, Resolutions or guidelines that have been established by the board of directors. 

Where can I get a  copy of the Governing Documents? 

You received a copy at, or prior to, closing on your home. If you need another set, it is available through our website. Your Governing Documents are recorded instruments so they are also available through the County in which your Association is located. 

What are the CC&R's? 

They are the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that you agreed to when you bought your home. Through this document, you agreed to certain standards of maintenance, upkeep and behavior in order to make the community as attractive as possible for yourself and your neighbors, and to maintain or enhance your property values. 

Why do I need to comply with the CC&R's? 

When you purchase a home in a Homeowner's Association you automatically agree to comply with the restrictions then in place or that are properly established. This ensures that the integrity of the community is maintained, and that property values do not diminish.


What can I do if I see a violation of the CC&R's or Rules and Regulations? 

Homeowners are encouraged to become active in their community.  You may contact the management office to report violations.  Your continued assistance may be required. 

Why do I have to get permission for exterior alterations?  

This better ensures that your intended improvement meets your community's standards as set forth in the Governing Documents and avoids the problems that arise from the construction of improvements and the use of colors or styles that conflict with others in your neighborhood. 

What are the "common areas"?

They are the areas for the use and enjoyment of the members of the Association. This includes facilities like playgrounds, parks and usually includes perimeter landscaping and entry features of the community. 

What does the Association's Insurance cover? 

The Association's insurance includes property and casualty policies for all common area property and equipment. It also includes Liability and Directors & Officers policies that cover Directors, Committee Members and volunteers working on behalf of the Association.