Covenants, Codes and Restrictions
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For your convenience, we have provided you down-loadable versions of all important documents and forms relative to Sky Island HOA matters.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, see the link below.  The purpose of your CC&R's are to protect the economic value, desirability and marketability of your home and provide for architectural uniformity within Sky Island.  Please familiarize yourself with the CC&R's, as failure to abide by them may result in fines and potential for liens against your property.  If you feel that another community member is not following the CC&R's, you may fill out a Violation Report Form and email, fax or mail it to our Management Company.  Monthly violation inspections are performed by our management company.  They are inspecting to ensure compliance throughout the neighborhood.  If you are found to be in violation, you will receive a Violation Notice in the mail.  We understand that sometimes this is just an oversight by the homeowner, which is why the first two violation notices are simply to inform you of the infraction and allow you time to get it corrected.  However, if on the third inspection, the violation is still uncorrected, a fine will be attached to the violation notice.  If you would like to appeal your violation, you may do so in writing to the management company within 48-hours of receiving the notice.  For more information, please refer to our Covenant Enforcement Policy (below).  

4 Most Common Violations


  • Landscaping - including grass strip installed between the lot boundary and the curb of adjacent streets 

         **Article VII, Section 7.2

  • Garbage & Recycle cans in view    
      **Article X, Section 10.11Parking on the street

         **Article X, Section 10.21

  • Exterior Modifications without an ACC Approval    

         **Article IX, Section 9.1

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