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Sky Island is nestled in the hills overlooking the Puyallup River Valley in Washington State.  The rich soil valley with large active farming communities can be seen in the lowlands.  Tacoma and Commencement Bay are viewpoints just down the road 15 miles to the west.  The painted sunsets of the Olympic Mountains often provide beautiful displays on the evening horizon.  The majestic snow capped Mt. Rainier towers over Sky Island to the southeast with its visible volcanic past.  Sky Island is a quiet community just up the hill from the Puget Sound in Bonney Lake, Washington.

Sky Island - A great place to live.

This link is for Sky Island members!

It has easy access to various documents, guidelines, reports, and more!

Sky Island HOA Board & Committee members are volunteers and are not empowered to act individually.  If a homeowner wants to address any issue to the board please email your desire to meet for the upcoming Board meeting.  We are unable to accept any verbal requests or give verbal authorizations.  All decisions made by the Board and the ACC will be communicated to the homeowner in writing.  If you are willing to accept an emailed response, please state so in your written letter and include your email address.  In most cases, contacting the management company is your best option.

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